This course, “How to Buy Real Estate with the Lint in Your Pocket”, will teach how to buy real estate when you do not have any money or just have a little bit to put down. If you have ever dreamed of being a real investor and becoming financially independent, or if you are broke and just want to buy your first home, then you need to get this course!

This course is for ~

  • A person that wants to learn how to buy real estate if all they have is lint in their pocket!
  • A person that wants to learn how to do creative real estate deals without putting any money down or putting very little down.
  • A person that wants to be a real estate investor and become financially independent.
  • A person that wants to purchase a home.
  • A person that wants to learn what successful real estate investing is all about.

The course is packed full of information on real estate investing. It is not just knowledge, but creative deals the author has done or has seen other real estate investors do. This course could launch you on a real estate investing journey that will lead you to financial independence, allow you to receive passive income from various streams and allow you to have the time to do the things you want to do for you and your family. If you want to smash the time clock you have been punching for way too long, then you need to sign up for this course right now!

  • $300

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  1. Well worth the money


    This course actually showed me how I can really buy real estate with no money down. I did not think it was possible until I read this course. I was worried this was going to have some teaser material with a follow up call asking me join a $10,000 upgraded package. Nope, no phone call, no pitch for more money, just all the info I needed. Thanks Brad, I am well on my way to doing my first no money down deal!!!

  2. Excellent and Informative


    This course is well worth the money. Brad takes you from the basics all the way through to some “nitty gritty” details. This is a very thorough introduction to real estate investing. I highly recommend it to everyone who is interested in becoming an investor. Thanks Brad for all of your hard work on this course.

  3. This is FANTASTIC!!!!!


    This course has been a very eye opening experience. Brad takes you through step by step process in getting into a very profitable market as well as a better lifestyle with easy to read language.

  4. I Feel My Life Is Undergoing A Complete Transformation!


    I think the best part about this course is where the author not only tells you that you need to do change your life and your mindset to be successful at real estate investing, but then goes on to show you how to do just that. After that life “tune up” that most of us need, he teaches you how to get out there and make creative deals and start growing your real estate portfolio and personal wealth. It is not just a course about real estate investing, but a life changing course. It was well worth the money I paid. Thanks Brad!

    All the best,,
    Gordon De Vries

  5. Simple, Easy, and Informative


    I felt truly enlightened after taking this course. My goals seemed attainable and my future seemed brighter.
    This was well written and packed with extreme detail on how to become a property investor. I enjoyed the tips teaching me how to start out with renting out a shed or car port. In this course he teaches how to be effective, efficient, and empathetic.
    He even touches on how to be a fair landlord.
    Extremely well balanced and easy to use. I would definitely recommend this to any person looking to better themselves and break into the real estate game.

  6. Very helpful!


    I would recommend this course to the seasoned flipper or real estate professional as well as first time real estate investors. Very practical stuff. If you have absolutely zero knowledge of real estate great place to start and get a good grounding. If you have done many many deals this is a great place to maybe get a new perspective on a few aspects. Stop thinking about it and just take the course.

  7. Very encouraging!


    While I haven’the completed the course yet, I find Brad very encouraging. He seems to be a real people person. My goal is to finish my course and attempt to change mine and my families lives.

  8. I took the course, then I went out and applied what I learned


    It works and it works well. I have used several of the techniques to put together deals to buy properties with no money down. Thanks Brad!


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