Developing Self-Confidence

The one key enabling all of us in achieving all of our dreams and goals is having an indestructible self-confidence and a belief in ourselves. Without this unshakable confidence, we would never have the courage to travel the world, learn new things, apply for our dream job, start a business or even find the perfect person to complete our lives. If we do not possess a rock solid self-confidence, we might procrastinate on pursuing our dreams, sabotaging ourselves, or even not trying anything at all. Self-confidence building does not need to be an intimidating endeavor and can actually be quite enjoyable and satisfying. Over time you will begin to make small gains and have some victories, and if you keep at it, you will eventually see huge results.

If you want to harden your self-confidence and create a new you, then you should try some of following techniques:

  • Visualization – Spend some quiet and undisturbed time alone imagining situations where you are bold, confident and successful. Go over the positive events in your mind over and over again. Try to not just think about it, but actually make yourself feel you are acting out what you are thinking about. Place “yourself” in the scene as if you are in some sort of an out of body experience, placing you in the scene in your mind. Did you know that golfers who visualize the ball going into the hole prior to their swing it are far more likely to actually land their ball on the green way more often than those who don’t?
  • Next, try to remember times in your past when you acted with total confidence. Go over those situations in your mind, and try to put on that “coat of confidence” on the “you of today.” See yourself with self-confidence and acting the way you did in previous situations where you felt comfortable and confident. Simply re-create those situations and envision yourself having similar experience and outcomes today and in the future.
  • Affirmations – You are what you believe. One great leader said, “Your altitude is determined by your attitude.” You need to program your mind, body and soul that you have what it takes to be a tremendously successful in life. Embed success into your subconscious mind so deeply, that you can no longer deny it. One sure fire way to do this is to practice affirmations that make you feel empowered and strong. Write down statements such as “I am about to break out”, “I am an opportunity magnet”, and “I believe in myself and other people believe in me too”. Say these every morning, at night before you go to bed, and any time you feel insecure or lacking in confidence. In time these affirmations will become rooted in your subconscious, and these truths will come out when you need them the most.
  • Act “as if” – This is very close to visualization, but a tad bit more specific. “Act as if” you are something before you actually are. Would you like to be a chief operating officer of a company? Then see yourself as a CEO. Dress like a CEO. Talk like a CEO. Walk like a CEO. If you really want to get into “CEO mode”, then have some business cards printed up with your name on it with the title CEO. Have a placard made for your home office desk that has CEO on it.
  • Learn how to accept a compliment – Many times people that are complimented, tend to come back with a put down about themselves. When people compliment you about something, accept politely and don’t add any negative comments to put yourself down. For instance, if a friend compliments you about your sense of humor, say “Thank you,” not “Thanks, fat guys like to make people laugh.” People usually mean what they say, especially if they say it on their own. Don’t second guess other people’s kind words to you. You need to learn to appreciate yourself just as much as others appreciate you.

Lastly, believe you have what it takes to accomplish anything you put your mind to. Remember that your thoughts have tremendous power! If you believe yourself to be a confident and successful person, it is exactly what you will be.

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