Don’t Have a “Poor Man’s” Mentality

A Poor Man’s Mentality

There is nothing wrong with saving money or being frugal, but often we take it way too far. There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself or treating yourself to something classy and first class once in a while.  Time is money and some people spend an awful lot of time (money) trying to save a few pennies. I know one man that drives around to several gas stations looking for the lowest cost per gallon to fuel up his car. That is not only time spent (money), but also as gas used, miles, and wear and tear on his car. All of that wasted, just trying to get the best deal on gas and save 15 cents. There are apps to help with this obsession! That is a losing way of thinking and actually in the long run, costs him way more than what he thinks he is saving. Nearly every conversation I have with this individual is spent with him telling me what deal he got today. Sometimes he finds a sale on meat at the grocery store or other times he complained and got a free breakfast somewhere. He seems to take a great pleasure in beating everyone up for a few pennies. He often says he would never want to be a millionaire because the love of money is the root of all evil. However, I would argue that he loves money way more than any millionaire I know. Money pretty much consumes every minute of his life. He does not want to be rich, but he is obsessed with being a cheap skate. He has a poor man mentality!  Make sure you don’t go through life having the poor man’s mentality.

Just make sure that when you do treat yourself, you don’t:

  • Go into debt.
  • Borrow money.
  • Incur interest charges by putting it on a credit card
  • spend bill money to do so, causing you to make a late payment.

Here is a short video to inspire you not to have the dreaded “poor man’s” mentality:

February 5, 2017

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