A  state of happiness is different from one person to the next. You cannot be pursing happiness if you do not even know what happiness is for you. It is important that you make short and long term happiness goals. Once you determine what makes you happy, then you can begin to pursue it.

Happiness goals cover a lot of areas in a person’s life. Here is just a list of things that can help to determine your level of happiness:

  1. Contentment
  2. Your Faith
  3. Relationships
  4. Your health
  5. Where you live
  6. Your career
  7. Your financial situation
  8. Your activities or hobbies

Let’s first look at your level of contentment. Are you grateful with what you have?  Are you content with what you have and where you are in your life? Are you satisfied and content with who you are with? Do you feel content when you around others? Are you positive about your future? You need to try to be content with all those things in order to be truly happy.Happiness originates in the inside and that is the foundation to build on. However, happiness is also enhanced (or diminished) by external factors, so the happier the foundation the easier it is to add to it. If it is at all possible, find a soul mate that is not always going to try to change who you are.

Secondly, let’s look at faith. You need to find a church that edifies you and teaches grace. If you want to have a happy and joyful life, you do not need to hear every Sunday how worthless and sinful you are, rather you should hear just how wonderfully forgiving God is. The teaching of forgiveness and grace should be the pinnacle of what is taught each week at the church where you attend. Find a place of worship that allows you to have soul liberty. You should never submit yourself to a place where there are abusive, judgemental, overbearing or controlling church leaders or members. You should never be made to feel guilty and unworthy at the church you attend. If you want to be happy in your faith, then you should also never be judgmental or overbearing on your fellow church members. Always remember how hard it is to change yourself and do not go around trying to change other people. If at all possible, find a soul mate that shares your faith.

Relationships should also build you up and be a positive force in your life. Of course there are ups and downs in ever relationship, but the “downs” should never be a constant that you always find yourself having to live with. If you find yourself in a relationship that has a continual lifestyle that is toxic or abusive, then you need to distance yourself or put an end to that relationship. Often times, a person will stay in a bad friendship with someone just because they want someone, anyone, in their life, so they are not lonely. That is a bad and desperate reason to stay in a relationship. That toxic relationship could be what is keeping you down. If at all possible, find a soul mate that is positive and has the same goals as you. It is better to be alone, that to live in a relationship full of drama and negativity. This applies to love as well as friendships.

Your health can effect your happiness in a positive or negative way. If we are unhealthy or have an unhealthy lifestyle, then your level of happiness will not be at it’s optimal level. Unhealthiness can have an effect on a person’s moods, mental alertness, sex life, as well as bring pain and suffering to an individual. In order to be at your happiest, you should exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, and eat properly. Learn what foods give you energy, alertness, and add to your creativity and try to eat those foods regularly. Figure out what foods make you sluggish, depressed and unproductive and try to avoid those foods. If at all possible, find a soul mate that has your same health and fitness goals.

Where you live can also determine your level of happiness. If you are a “country person” living in a big city, then there can be negative repercussions on your level of happiness. Are you a “beach bum” living in the mountains or the  plains? Do you love warm weather, but have chosen to live in Calgary? If you want to have your happiness impacted in a positive way, chose a location to live that fits you. If at all possible, find a soul mate that wants to live in the same location that you do.

What you do for a living can impact your happiness in a great way. Most people hate their jobs, yet every morning, get out of bed, shower, get dressed, and go to a place they detest. It is an old adage, but you truly need to love what you do. You should not spend nearly half of your waking hours at a place you hate. Find something you enjoy doing, even if it makes less money. Get into a career that pays well and has good benefits. Or better yet, go into business for yourself doing something you love and are passionate about. If at all possible, find a soul mate that has the same mind that you do when it comes to career and business.

Money problems have led to the end of marriages and suicide. Sometimes people say money does not matter, but frankly, that is a lie put out by unsuccessful people. Money matters when you do not have enough to pay your bills. Make as much as possible and save as much as you can. Work on being debt free in both your personal and business life. If at all possible, find a soul mate that is on the same page with you when it comes to money and finances. If one person is frugal and the other thinks money grows on trees, someone’s happiness is going to be ruined.

Go out and do things you love. It does not matter if other people do not enjoy those activities, as long as you do. Your hobbies and activities are the things that give you a break from the real world and allow you to reset yourself. They bring joy and happiness to you. If at all possible, find a soul mate that enjoys the same things you do and do them together!

March 27, 2017

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