How is Your Voicemail Doing?

Does your voicemail impress or depress your callers?

When I get someone’s voicemail that I have never met before, I can usually tell what type of person they are just by the greeting they have created. Some people have a voicemail that that leaves me thinking that I really did not want to talk to them anyways. From time to time, I hear a voicemail that leads me to believe the person I am calling has a lot of irons in the fire and super busy. Others have a voicemail that makes me smile, or even makes my day. These types of voicemails make me look forward to talking to the individual I am trying to connect with.

What Type of Voicemail do you not want to have?

As an entrepreneur or businessperson here are several types of messages you want to refrain from having:

  • The “Distracted” voicemail” ~ I have one friend in real estate investor that has a voicemail where you can hear his TV and dogs barking in the background. At one point during his message he tries to quiet his dogs down and loses track of what he is trying to say. He ends it with. “Yeah, I’ll call you back.” He is not the most successful investor that I know.
  • The “I Probably Won’t Get Back to You, But Leave a Message Anyhow” voicemail ~ I used to do business with one vendor where I never could leave him a message. Why? Because I always got the automated message from his phone saying,  “This mailbox is full”. That and some other customer service issues I ran into landed him in my “ex-vendor” category.
  • The “Fast Times at Ridgemont High Stoner” voicemail ~ Years ago, I used a graphic artist from time to time that had a voicemail that said, “Yo dude, leave me some noise and I will hit you up right back”. I appreciated that he was the creative artist type, but it was a very off putting voice message. To this day, he is still a starving artist.
  • The “Joker” voicemail ~ One “pun”ishing entrepreneur friend that I know,  had a voicemail on her phone that went something like this, ” Yellow? I am feeling a little green around the gills today. I know me not answering makes you feel blue. Leave a message and I’ll get white back to you. I never got the business vibe from her voicemails.
  • The “Never ending Story” Voicemail ~ I have one business associate that had a voicemail that is several minutes long. By the time I get to the end of the novel he had recorded, I had pretty much forgotten what I was calling for.

What type of voicemail should an entrepreneur have?

One that says you are at the top of your industry. One that makes you appear to be the move and shaker in the area you do business in.

How do you achieve that vibe?

  • Change your voicemail everyday or even a few times during the day.
  • Make it date specific: “This is Brad, it is Thursday, May 7, and I will be attending a business brunch until noon. Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon I return to the office. Thanks and have a great day.
  • Keep it short and to the point.
  • Don’t have a monotone voice. Have inflections in your voice tones and sound friendly.

You never know who is going to call you. It could be someone that is bringing you the deal of lifetime.  It might be that one client that is going to change your life forever. Whomever it may be that is calling you, you’ll want them to hear a voicemail that leaves an awesome impression!




May 11, 2017

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