Life Happens! & Motivated Sellers are Created

Motivated Sellers
Life Happens, problems arise, and Motivated Sellers are created. There are a host of reasons that cause a property owner to become a Don’t Wanter / Motivated Seller. People get behind in their mortgage payments for many different reasons, face foreclosure, and certainly have good reason for being motivated. There are also many sellers in the market place who are motivated, and yet not delinquent on their mortgage.

For example people who:

  • over buy, (building a new home or buying existing) and being faced with the reality of their monthly cost for their new home, struggle financially to make ends meet each month. Within a short period of time they consult their local Realtor, and to their dismay find out that in order to sell, cover the closing cost, and commission, they will have to pay thousands of dollars out of their pocket to close on the sale of their home. Deciding they can’t do that, they market the home “By Owner” to save commission, or list with a Realtor at a high price trying to cover all the cost.
  • have had a financial crisis or windfall and want a life style change.
  • inherit homes and do not have the time or money to deal with it.
  • have a home that needs work and no money to get it done.
  • are tired of the long commute to work and want to sell.
  • want to be closer to family.
  • are experiencing an illness, and need to move to another climate.
  • have a job transfer.
  • Are on the verge of becoming delinquent on their mortgage

The list goes on and on. Your objective is to become creative enough to be able to structure a deal with sellers in any situation, to help them solve their real estate problem. To help them get on with their life, while you are being well compensated for your involvement. A Win / Win scenario!

There are many techniques to utilize in being creative to create that Win / Win deal.

Here are 4:

  • Owner financing
  • Wholesaling
  • Short Sales
  • Lease Option
  • Subject To

I will go into more detail on these in upcoming blogs.


September 18, 2017

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