How to Make Money the Moment You Buy a Home

How to Make Money the Moment You Buy a Home

Hi my name is Allen Watkins.

We can agree that everyone likes a bargain and I bet you would like to know how to make money the moment you buy a home, whether it is to live in or for investment.  I’ve done it 100’s of times, with homes I have lived in, as well as with homes I have bought for investment.

You can now benefit from my 33 year career in real estate buying, rehabbing, renting and selling. I have used other people’s money, my own money, creative financing and No Money Down techniques.
And I have helped 100’s of other people just like you make great real estate deals.

I wrote the book that I wished would have been available to me when I first started in real estate. “The Reality of Real Estate Investing”. A book with no puff and fluff, just the meat and potatoes. Then I created the board game “The Virtual Reality of Real Estate Investing”. It is Based on real life facts and scenarios, a fun real estate investment simulation, that gives you a real life experience, without any of the real life risk.

I have developed a full day workshop around this investment simulation. You will experience the thrills of making big money wheeling and dealing buying and selling properties, and if you make a mistake, —- no real life consequence.
You learn from this virtual experience and move forward in real life better prepared to avoid mistakes and make big profits!

There is so much more information I share on the web site

Take my FREE course “The Virtual Reality of Real Estate Investing” It’s an Introduction course to my workshop. Next to the Title is a picture of me giving a check to one of my students.

I’d Love to hear your comments and answer questions on this blog.

Have an awesome day!

April 26, 2017

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