Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Give Up!

Has always been my motivating force, as a kid growing up, and through my many endeavors, challenges, failures, successes, and setbacks.

I believe adversity and defeat challenge us more than anything else we can think of in life. More than competitions in sports and other events, more than winning over the heart of the special person that has caught our eye, more than the demands of a job, etc.

Adversity and defeat are like growing pains because as we experience them, and overcome them as Napoleon Hill teaches, there is always a seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.

This is easy to say and much harder when we are actually experiencing the problems day in and day out for a period of time. It sometimes overwhelms us by creating a cloud of negative thoughts and depression that seems to engulf us. It is very real indeed.

Equally as real as long as we don’t give in and give up, and accept the despair that is attempting to take us completely down is the light at the end of the tunnel. Which at times may only be but a small glimmer.

We have to hold on to that and have faith in our God, our Heavenly Father. That he desires our success as much or more than we do. That the adversities we go through are for our own good.

They teach us and give us experience that will help us or help us help others during this life journey here on earth. That is looking at the big picture of life. Sometimes we can only see the little picture for the moment we are in, yet deep down we have to hold on to the hope, the faith that it is only for a small moment, and it will get better. When we look around we can always find someone else worse off than we are.

I write this not as a theory based on my much reading and study, it is from my continuing life experience.
Adversity and defeat are not failure unless we accept it as such.

So our purpose has to be to Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Give Up!

Only then do we realize the success we desire.

October 2, 2017

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