Real Estate Investment Personal Consultant / Mentor

In a nut shell after over 30 years I have sold my brokerage business that specialized in managing and selling bank foreclosures. Happy to be free of the stress of employees and asset management companies. I still have a book keeper who works from home. 
Now I get to focus on my passion of deal making full time, which I could only do part time running that business.
I’m mainly interested in focusing on the creative deal making part of the business. Which is where you come in, I will teach you the business, talk to the sellers while you listen and learn, then you follow my instructions in running the deal to a profit.
Below are the options I offer and believe there is no better deal out there, especially compared to the guru’s who travel around the country.
I’m happy to provide you with more details and some education as well as give you a free consultation to evaluate your circumstances, how we may work together and answer any questions..
Option 1
  •  $100 because you need to make some kind of commitment in addition to words. A little skin in the game. Plus this screens out those who will waste my time and not take consistent, persistent action anyway. 
    Real Estate Investing is not as easy as the TV and Facebook guru’s lead you to believe, if it was that easy everyone would be doing it. Yet it is doable for those willing to make an investment of time, consistent, persistent targeted effort following my instructions and yes a little skin in the game $100. 

    Yet having started from nothing, gone through the College of Hard Knocks and provided a good lifestyle for my family, I testify that it is worth it!

  • I will share the net profits with you on the deals we put together starting at 5% and increasing by 5% until you get to 50%. Then 50% on all deals. At this point you can choose to take 100% of the deals and keep me on as a consultant for $49.99 a month.

  • I will teach you on a need to know basis as we work deals together. Now listen close. This is the best part of my offer.
    I will talk with the leads that I instruct you to collect, while you listen and learn live as it happens and help you put the deal together.

  • I will give you access to my “Savvy Lead Generation Course” right away.

  • With Option 1, you do not get access to all my courses, book or board game etc, until at my discretion I determine that you have earned them through the deals we make. No additional charge. 
The absolute 4 key elements to Success in the real estate business is:
  1. To first recognize that this is a “People Problem Solving” Business. Whether it is a Home Buyer or an Investor who needs to make good investments or an Owner who needs to sell.
  2. You must know how to find people with real estate problems or needs.
  3. Have a variety of techniques to solve people’s problems.
  4. You have to talk to people. The more people you talk with the more deals you will make. This is a numbers game.

         Option 2

  • You pay $2500 up front, plus $49.99 per month.

  • You receive everything I have to offer, all my courses.
  • One on One mentoring for 12 months. With myself. Which means you have easy access to me, I give you my cell number, answer all your questions, provide consultation on foreclosures, auctions, REO’s, Motivated Sellers, Creative Financing, and any of the various deal making techniques I use, and teach everyday.

  • Now listen close. This is the best part of my offer. 
    I will talk with the leads that I instruct you to collect, while you listen and learn live as it happens and help you put the deal together.

  • No starting at 5% sliding scale, we are 50 / 50 partners and will split the net profits 50 /50 for the first 5 deals.
    Then you have the option to partner with me or run with the deal on your own.

  • While I usually provide my students leads from my own efforts to follow up on, I am under no obligation to do so.

    Option 3

  • You pay $5000 upfront plus $49.99 per month. 

  • You get everything above and can opt to not partner and keep all the profits from the deals for yourself.

    Option 4
    If you already have a good working knowledge because you have already made some deals and just need an expert mentor to help polish you in being able to generate more leads, use more techniques and evaluate what to do with different seller scenarios, then you can put me under retainer for consultation.
    $2500 plus $49.99 a month, no partnership required.

No one offers a better deal than this!

Email me at [email protected] and lets make some deals!


October 4, 2017

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