Real Estate Investment Simulation Webinar

This is the only interactive investing webinar in existence. You actually buy and sell properties.
Plus its FREE!

You are going to find this virtual real estate investment experience most exciting! It does not matter if you’re a novice or a seasoned investor, because as you experience real estate investment success during this interactive investment simulation webinar, the experience is real!
It will now catapult you to success and wealth in the real world to a whole new level.


You Start with No Money

For some of you this is already too real. You will experience utilizing other resources to fund your deals. If you already have money, all the easier it is for you in real life however, once invested in deals and another opportunity knocks on your door, then you are like those with no money. This investment simulation is a most valuable experience.

  • Numbers Analysis

You learn the very basic fundamentals that some in real life skip over, and find themselves in the negative on a deal. No emotional buying, is it a good deal or not, based on the bottom line, your profit.

  • Overcome the Fear Factor

Many people never take the first step. Now you will without any real life risk. You will profit tremendously from this virtual experience, and move forward to making big money in real life.

  • Spouse Factor

For some having a reluctant spouse toward their investment desires, is a heavy hindrance. This simulation is the tool you need to turn their thought process around. As said by a spouse after playing as a partner (team) with their spouse; “I now understand what investing in real estate the right way is about. It will benefit our family! I can now be more supportive, and I want to be involved in the process.” 

  • Negotiating

This interactive investment experience provides you with an excellent opportunity for developing and practicing negotiating skills.

  • Virtual Real Life Experience without the Real Life Risk

You will actually experience real emotions as you go through the process of analyzing the numbers, negotiating, and buying property with other people’s money. The thrills of making big money wheeling and dealing and the agony of defeat if you make a mistake, but wait, no real life consequence. You learn from the experience and move forward. So take action sign up now!
Be adventuresome!

We will be holding several of these webinars at different times over the next several weeks.

To sign up simply register on per this link:

“                                                                                                          “

Once your registration is received then we will email you a confirmation with information you will need for the webinar.

October 12, 2017

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