A Real Estate Moment with Allen Watkins


This is the beginning of the Real Estate Series “A Real Estate Moment with Allen Watkins”. I will be sharing real estate investment tips and insights. Sign up on this web site or send me an email to [email protected] to receive my informative blogs.

Hi this is the first in a series of real estate moments with Allen Watkins, infact one of my first moments. When I met my wife for the first time I was recently divorced, living in a warehouse on the West side of Chicago near Cicero and Division. Not a good area. I slept on a cot, took sponge baths, and ate 99 cent TV dinners, and was living off credit cards.

My wife used to tell me that at least I didn’t have to worry that she married me for my money. I’d respond by telling her, true you married for my potential.

Our first 11 years of marriage we moved 9 times because I was buying fixing and selling. Eventually, I was able to build her dream home where we lived about 10 years.

We raised our boys and my wife was able to be a stay at home Mom. All because of real estate

I tell you this to simply say that “if I can do it and I was a High School dropout, you can do it”. Real Estate has provided a comfortable lifestyle for my family. Now I want to share my 33 years of experience and knowledge with you. Check out my web site Interowl.com for my real estate courses.

March 24, 2017

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