Real Estate No Risk Investing / Through Title Companies

A real Transaction Funding Deal I did:

Frank, a student I was mentoring, phoned me with a problem. He was buying a fixer-upper house for $50,000 from Judy and already had it sold to Bob for $60,000 Frank wanted to close both deals in one with a:

  • a double closing, or
  • a simultaneous, or
  • a back to back closing

He planned on the title company using the money from his sale to Bob, to close on his purchase with Judy. He would profit about $10,000, without using any of his own money. The title company would already have Bob’s money in their escrow account for his closing, so he did not think there would be an issue.

Frank didn’t ask the title company ahead of time about using the money from his sale to Bob. He did not have a relationship with the title company and they decided not to allow the closing to occur in this manner.

Frank called me at 9:30am, needing money to close with Judy by noon! If he could not come up with the funds, the second closing with Bob was not going to happen. He had just two and a half hours to come up with $50,000!

Fortunately for Frank, I had enough money to cover his deal! I offered to wire the $50,000 to the title company to cover his purchase and charge him $1000 plus $60 to cover the money wiring fees.
With a single phone call I made arrangements with the title company to wire them $50,000 on the following conditions:

  1. that it only be used for purchasing the property from Judy after;
  2. Bob had wired $60,000 to the title for his purchase from Frank and;
  3. Bob had to be present and sign all his paperwork to complete his purchase from Frank.

Once those conditions were met, the title company could release my $50,000 for Frank to complete his purchase from Judy. If those three conditions were not met, then the title company was not authorized to use my $50,000 and had to return it to me.

I didn’t need to see the house or know anything about it. My trust in Frank, nor his financial worthiness mattered. I just needed to know that the title company agreed to my conditions. The law requires that they follow my agreed upon instructions, so there was absolutely no risk.

Both deals closed and it was a win-win for all parties involved!

I wish I could do Transaction Funding Deals every single day! These types of deals come my way all the time. I do not always have the money to do them, but when I can, I do it. It is a guaranteed huge rate of return on my investment, with zero risk.

Since I can’t cover every deal that comes my way, I am willing to share the opportunity with you! If you have money available and want to make a guaranteed huge rate of return, on your money in 24 to 48 hours, (in the above deal my ROI 216%+) with absolutely no risk, let me know right away.

I actually have one deal right now that needs funding! It is under contract to buy and under contract to sell, and will be a double closing just like the above story.

Call me at 219-979-4607 or email me at [email protected] me for more details!

Allen Watkins

April 7, 2018

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