Rightly Dividing Your Time


I often have people tell me that they do not have time to do certain things in their life that they need or want to do. It may be reading a book, dating, doing home repairs, working out, going back to school, and many other things. The truth about it is that time has been perfectly divided for us so that we can do all the things we want and need to do.

Saying that you do not have time to accomplish something can mean a variety of things. It can mean that you are over scheduled with more tasks than you can handle. It can mean that you are not following a strict enough schedule and let unimportant things such as watching television, mindlessly talking on the phone, surfing the internet or other things waste your time. It can also mean that you are just making an excuse due to laziness, a lack of initiative, or feeling that something is not important enough to do.

Some people divide their time scheduling by minutes, others by hours, and other people do not follow any sort of a schedule at all. Most of us are not organized enough to map out our day by the minute, and oftentimes even by the hour. However, not having a schedule at all can not only be unproductive, but it can be completely disastrous.

I feel that each day has been rightly divided for us, and I follow a schedule that I feel was predetermined for life. Every day consists of 24 hours, and it can easily be divided in order to live life to its fullest. A schedule for the day can simply be divided into three parts. Eight hours should be allocated for the vocation or business that we have taken up, eight hours should be devoted to ourselves and those around us, and the remaining eight hours should be set aside for sleep.

Most of us work a job or own a business so we can support ourselves and our family. A job is an important part of a person’s life, but it should not control their life. A day has been rightly divided to include time for working, which is the 8 hours a person should spend devoted to his vocation or business. When a person is at work, they should devote themselves 100% to doing the best possible job that they can do.  A person needs to make their employer’s business or, if it is their business, the most important thing during this time of the day. There is nothing more satisfying than going above and beyond in your duties at work. There is nothing greater than doing what is expected of you and having your employer’s approval. It leads to a sense of security knowing that you are valued and needed at your job. Building a great reputation at work or in business is more valuable than any written resumé or college degree that you could ever possess. Too many people spend too much time complaining and gossiping around the water cooler or in the break room. A lot of people spend more energy trying to get out of work than it would take to just dive in and get the job done. However, when the whistle blows and it is time to depart work, a person should put their work away and be done with it. It is time to move on to the next segment of his day.

The second part of the day has been divided into 8 hours so that a person can dedicate that time to themselves, family, friends, and fellow mankind. They should spend this time bettering themselves through self study, classes, or physical activity. A person needs to put work out of their mind during this time and pursue happiness by doing the things that they enjoy. This could include his hobbies, physical activity, or spending time with others who are uplifting to be around. During this time, they can work on home projects or take care of their personal business. one should never forget that this time should also include helping distressed people around them.

The final 8 hours is designated for refreshment and sleep. A person’s body and mind both run most efficiently when they have had a proper night’s sleep of eight hours. Getting enough sleep refreshes a one’s body so they can be the most productive during the other 16 hours of the day. The most creative and innovative people use this 8 hour segment of the day consistently.

A person that can follow this natural schedule of time will certainly be productive, creative and successful in all of their endeavors, whether they be personal or business. It is not as structured as keeping a schedule broken down into hours and minutes, but, nonetheless, will work if a person gives his all to each 8 hour segment, whether it be their vocational time, personal time, or sleep time.

January 10, 2017

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