Savvy Land-lording Part 5 Playing Detective

Playing Detective
Once you have the application and deposit, your next step is to start
confirming your first impression. If everything appears good on the application
and their credit report, you are now going to call their current landlord. You are
not going to tell him/her you are interested in renting your home to his tenant. You
are going to contact the current landlord under the guise of being a used car
salesperson. I know it is sneaky and it is tricky; but think about it. How else are
you going to get the truth? If the current landlord has a tenant who owes a couple
months’ rent and has trashed his home or apartment, do you think he/she is going to
tell you this so it ensures they stay in his unit longer? Not likely. He will be
telling you how great this tenant is so that you help get them out of his property.
Understand now? Sometimes in life we have to be a little sneaky and tricky to get
to the truth.

Basically you say something like, “Hi! My name is __________ with A & W
Used Auto Sales. I have an application here from (prospective tenant’s name) to
finance a used car. Could you verify for me that ____ pays the rent on time?”

If the tenant does owe this landlord money, he is going to think, “This jerk owes me
money and is trying to use me as a reference to finance a used car!” There is no
way the landlord is going to give a good reference. If it is bad, you might have to
interrupt, to tell him/her you have heard enough. However, if it is good, you can be
reasonably assured it is the truth.

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December 28, 2017

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