Savvy Land-lording Part 6 In Home Inspection

In-Home Inspection

Your next step in determining if you should take a risk with this tenant is to

show up unexpectedly at their front door. You could say something like, “The

owner has narrowed the selection down to two people, and you are one of them. I

just wanted to drop off a copy of the lease for you to look over.” Then you say,

Could I trouble you to use your rest room?” Usually this will get you in.

If they resist because they say the house is a mess, reassure them that it is OK;

you can see past day-to-day clutter. Start to enter.

You have to be a tad bit aggressive here. Your time is wasted if you do not get in.

If they still resist, then own up to the fact that the owner requires you to get a quick look at

the condition of the home / apartment they presently live in. If they do not let you

in, for sure the owner will not accept them. Again reassure them you can see past

the day-to-day clutter.

What to Look For

Once inside, you are looking for long term filth, dirty walls, doors, and

floors, holes in the walls and doors, dirty clothes over the floor in the hallway or

bath and you can hardly avoid walking on them, garbage and food where it

should not be, animal odor or feces on the floor. I have literally been in a home

where I had to watch where I was stepping to avoid feces and urine puddles from

the dog or cat. It was unbelievable! Was I ever thankful that I did an inspection!

Do roaches exist in the home? If so, is it a heavy infestation? I have seen where

they were crawling on the ceiling and I had to be careful not to walk under them.

Talk about creepy! You can get a sense if people are comfortable with roaches as

just part of the family or if it is a problem they are struggling to be rid of.

However, understand roaches move with the family. There is no way to avoid it!

Measures can be taken to annihilate roaches over a thirty to sixty day time

period. Tell the tenants that prior to packing up their stuff to move, you want

them to set off a smoke bomb in every room. Smoke bombs can be acquired at

most building supply stores. This will get rid of most of them but not the

unhatched eggs. For the rest and the eggs that will hatch in your property, Require

that they pay for and schedule an exterminator to spray just prior to their moving in.

A 2nd treatment in 30 days will also be needed.

Over all, use basic common sense when inspecting the prospective tenant’s

home and always be courteous. When leaving, tell them you will get back to

them as soon as you can. Do so later that day or the following morning. If you

have decided to take them, invite them into your office. If you do not have an

office, return to their home or have them meet you at the rental property. Remind

them that they will need to bring their first month’s rent and the balance of the

security deposit with them.

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January 2, 2018

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