Techniques for Getting a Realtor to Help You Buy Bank Foreclosures

  1. Offer to sign a buyer’s agreement. Which simply states that if you are to buy a house that you are agreeing to do so through your one specific Realtor. Your Realtor only gets paid when and if you close on a purchase. This shows your seriousness about doing business and respecting the Realtors time they are investing to help you.
  2. Call your Realtor regularly to keep in touch. Realtors work hard and long hours typically to scratch out a decent living. Don’t make them work harder than necessary. This is a person who can help you make a good investment to make $1,000’s of dollars, or save you $1,000’s of dollars on a home purchase. So the value for both parties is considerable!
  1. Home Inspection – When you like what you see on the walk through, take it at face value and make your offer. Don’t assume the worst about things you can’t see. Like the water not on, don’t make your offer assuming there are frozen water pipes when you have no real evidence that there is damage. Also, don’t waste valuable time waiting to make your offer verifying the in-depth condition of the property, or paying someone to inspect for you.
    Do the in-depth home inspection only after you have an accepted offer signed by the seller. Otherwise, while you are wasting time arranging, and having that inspection performed, someone else just beat you to the punch by presenting and getting their offer accepted.
    Better to control the deal first with a signed contract, then perform your in-depth inspection, during the contract allowed inspection period. If something major comes up that you weren’t expecting then you can re-negotiate your deal and if not to your satisfaction, then you can get out of the deal.

Being Savvy in your approach to the Home Inspection shows the Realtor you know what you are doing. Thereby, increasing the Realtors desire to want to work with you.

4. When your Realtor gives you a list of homes to drive by get back to them quickly with your feedback of interest to see and if no interest why.
This shows your seriousness and respects the time the Realtor is devoting to you encourages them to want to continue to devote time to helping you.

Test Your Knowledge:

When signing a buyers agreement with a Realtor you are agreeing to pay them a commission for their time whether you buy or not.

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June 9, 2017

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