Ways for a Real Estate Investor to Find a Property Owner

Who Owns The Property?

Anyone that has been in real estate investing has had this happen with a potential property. You see a vacant property with tall grass and signs of distress that you are interested in buying, but you can’t locate the owner. You check the county assessors office and see that the tax bills are going to the empty house you want. You have owner’s name now, but you know they are not living in the house. Your next mission is to find out good contact information so you make a deal.

One free and two low cost ways that might help you find a property owner

Social Media has become one of the most helpful tools for locating a homeowner. The good news is that it is FREE!. The homeowner you are looking for is probably very faithful at posting daily on their Facebook wall. If there addicted to Facebook, it may be hourly! A quick look at someone’s wall may reveal a new job or their newest relationship or marriage. They may share the new town they moved to and where they hang out on Friday nights. People blast Facebook with all sorts of personal info about where they are. If you think you found your homeowner, you can message them and connect up instantly.

There is no internet required for this the first one ! It may seem old fashioned, but do it!

Call directory assistance, rather than using an online source. The online 411 databases, such as anywho.com, are updated every couple of weeks at a minimum. Calling directory assistance will have the most up-to-date phone records, as it is updated every 24 to 48 hours. The problem in this day and age is that most people do not have a landline anymore. Today’s’ generation opt for a cell Does your voicemail impressphone only. I have noticed that those that still have a landline are in the 40 plus age group population. Other people that still have a landline do so because it came with a cable TV, internet, home phone bundle.

Premium White Pages

There some other similar sites out there, but for this lesson, we are going to look at White Pages Premium


With White Pages Premium you can search by name, reverse phone number, reverse address and by email address. You’ll get full access to mobile numbers and sometimes e-mail addresses. It lists previous addresses, family members, individuals associated to listed addresses. You sometimes find phone numbers that match addresses and sometimes employment or business information. At first, search using the state without a city. After that, drill down utilizing both city and state info that you have.

Depending on which plan you pay for, you can also have access to a certain amount of background reports. These reports which contact details, birth date and age information. Sometimes it provides aliases, past addresses, cell phone carrier details, and family members and associates. The background reports detail criminal offenses, arrests and warrants, liens and judgments, bankruptcies and foreclosures, current and past properties, property assessments and deeds, and licenses and permits. The available background reports might shed some light as to where the owner is in their life financially, personally or other life areas. Now, go find your owner, make the offer and close the real estate deal of a lifetime!


September 8, 2017

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