Wholesaling Real Estate is a Fast Start / Fast Cash Technique

Fast Start / Fast Cash Technique to making money in Real Estate

Wholesaling is one technique that allows you to make money without owning any real estate.

There are certain undeniable facts that exist which make this technique possible.

  • There are hundreds of properties in any given county in the country that are in disrepair and likely in a distressed situation. These are commonly referred to as ugly houses, fixer-uppers, or “Handyman Specials.” (which many foreclosures are)
  • There are hundreds of people in any given county who have cash available and who are looking for ugly houses, fixer-uppers, or “Handyman Specials” to buy.
    • Your mission should you chose to accept it is to become a Real Estate Investment Scout, (wholesaler) by bringing the investors and properties together.
    • This is perfectly legal. In our economy, manufacturers produce products to sell to wholesalers, who sale to distributors, who sell to the consumer.
    • We locate (manufacture)
      agree to purchase with the right to re-sell, (wholesale)
      sell to the investor who fixes up, sells or rents (distributor)
      to the homebuyer or tenant. (consumer)
    • As Wholesalers we locate and either buy a property to sell to one of our investors or sell our right to purchase to one of our investors, who then completes the purchase.
    • Anyone who says this is illegal is closed minded and just refuses to believe that making money in real estate can be so simple. I’ve done it many times!

Flipping is also a term used by some to describe Wholesaling. It is sometimes associated with deals that some people put together that involves fraud. Deals that involve deceit, misrepresenting the value of a property to a buyer, seller, or lender. It takes just as much effort to perform an illegal deal as it does a legal one. Some people just lack good character and are prone to deceit. Avoid them!

I recommend wholesaling to beginners and experienced investors alike. I’ve been in the business over 20 years now and I still wholesale. Because it is quick, fast, easy money. I can’t buy and rehab all the deals I come across. So I take a piece of the pie and share the rest with someone else.
Beginners: It is great for beginners because there is no money or credit required. The sooner a beginner gets to that first pay check the better. Wholesaling gets them in the business making money, establishing relationships and acquiring knowledge with no risk.

  • Investors: It is great for investors because when their time and money is tied up, on deals, they can still make money on deals that come their way by wholesaling the deal to another investor. Instead of just passing it by.

Wholesaling is simply the technique of bringing the seller and buyer together by playing the middleman as a principle in the deal. You are providing a valuable service by helping a don’t wanter get their property sold and helping an investor buy a property that can be fixed and sold for a profit.

Whether you have no money of you’re own to invest or maybe just have all of your money currently tied up. You can still make money in real estate using this technique.

Like the idea of wholesaling properties? Below is more information I provide you in my mentoring / coaching program.

  • Details on how to locate the investors
  • Scripts on what to say once you do locate them
  • How and where to locate the properties
  • Scripts on what to say to the sellers
  • Assignment agreement
  • How to get your money before the closing

You can check out the course on Interowl.com or it is included in my Apprentice Partner Package.
Email for more information [email protected]

November 7, 2017

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